Who is this course for

This course is designed to further develop fluency in Hindi communication for students who have recently completed level 4 .Generally, this course is aimed at people who have a good knowledge of Hindi grammar, and who can take part in a conversation with a certain degree of confidence. Students should also be able to understand the main points from an audio, video or a conversation between native speakers, and they should feel comfortable reading long articles from newspaper or books. This course is for people who wish to expand their knowledge and abilities in Hindi by handling new and more challenging materials.

What does this course cover

In the class, the course will be based on Indian life, arts and culture. It is aimed at making students know more about Indian culture through various cultural events and traditions, historical events, Festivals, various artistic productions (songs, films, books) etc.
By the end of the course, students will be able to discuss more confidently and more accurately about Indian culture and life.
Following an evaluation, the grammatical contents of the lessons will be selected, according to the students' needs.

What will it be like

The course will be based on a great variety of topics and media (films, articles, songs, clips from news) which the students will discuss and explore at great length.
Students will be assessed during the each lesson, throughout the course, and will receive feedback during the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

All the course material will be provided by the teacher.
Students will be expected to interact with other students. They will occasionally be expected to do some online research at home.
Homework will be set every week, and again students will be highly encouraged to do them.