Digital Media section

Digital Photography in the City is a practical course that combines all the enjoyment of a photo walk with guided tuition. Whether the concrete high walks of the Barbican, the green spaces of city parks or wonderful views of the Thames at night, this course is about gaining practical skills from learning topics on location in London. Be inspired by the city and see how your creative ideas can take shape from location to photograph. 

Do you have a smartphone and want to understand how to make the most of its camera for photography? Are you using the different functions of the camera on your device fully? No longer is it so necessary to have a camera and a smartphone. On this course, get to grips with the functions of your smartphone camera as well as the help you need with composing, editing, saving and sharing photographs.

This ten-week course will introduce you to the technical details of your digital camera so you can use it more confidently and creatively. It is for complete beginners or for those who are struggling to move beyond using their camera in fully automatic mode. Learn about aperture, shutter speed and how to control the exposure triangle, field of view, depth of field and get ready to use your camera with semi-automatic and manual settings